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Rees Myers was established in 2004 with the core objective to cater to the legal needs of clients from around the world.


Our members pride themselves in quality work and a high standard of client care.


As a private-client firm, we represent those who are financially capable of paying for their legal costs. We do not undertake legal aid work and this is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future.


There are 5 charging methods available.


Agreed fee - if we are able to assess the level of work to be done in a particular case, we can agree an overall fee to be paid for that work.


Estimated fee - if we are unable to assertain the level of work to be carried out, we will provide an estimate of costs based on similar cases we have carried out. Charges will be based on the advisers hourly rate with the estimate reviewed as the matter progresses. You will be informed about these reviews in writing.


No Win No Fee - we can apply this scheme to cases where we are certain that you stand a very good chance of success.


Pro Bono - we have a policy not to charge for work done on behalf of the elderly. Each case will be considered on the merits and the policy is at our discretion.


Conditional Fee Agreement - whilst we appreciate that in some instances clients may not be able to meet our legal fees, in exceptional cases, we can enter into a Condition Fee Agreement which would allow clients to pay our fee from the money they are awarded. This is available in most employment cases. A percentage is agreed with clients at the onset of the case. If the case is not successful, you will not be required to make a payment towards our fees.


We value our clients at Rees Myers and we will continue to provide a bespoke legal service to clients with the operus mondi 'professionalism, reliability and results'.


If you require legal representation or advice you should get in touch with us by following the link below.




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